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Effective Romney Attacks

Mitt Romney’s records as Governor are gone. He ordered staff to destroy computer drives after buying them for $100,000 http://reut.rs/saIVsQ Mitt Romney spent $55,000 for a car elevator but vetoed $40,000 towards an elevator for the disabled in Mass http://bit.ly/HcKqcl Mitt Romney protested in favor of the Vietnam draft then lived in a French palace during the war. http://bit.ly/ySOZTz http://bit.ly/Itj2VW Mitt Romney left Mass. with a 39% approval rating and 47th out of 50 states in job creation http://bit.ly/TXeRYS http://on.mktw.net/xfNfZ7 Mitt Romney left Massachusetts with 24% higher spending and $501 million in new “fees” http://bit.ly/KYKg9q http://bit.ly/MhfBUR Mitt Romney left Massachusetts with the highest debt per capita in the country. http://1.usa.gov/pi5Bk1 Mitt Romney's plan would cut his own taxes $5 million while throwing over 13 million off food stamps. http://bit.ly/LCmgHk Mitt Romney’s plan would cut his own taxes while raising them on 18 million working families. http://bit.ly/Jeo2Ce Mitt Romney laid off 14,500 teachers, cops, firefighters, and librarians in Massachusetts as Governor. http://bit.ly/TXi6j2

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