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Open Letter to @MSNBC; @JoeNBC owes #UniteBlue on air apology.

by UniteBlue on May 26, 2014

Mr. Phil Griffin
President, MSNBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY

May 26, 2014

Dear Mr. Griffin:

Last Friday May 23, Joe Scarborough insulted thousands of honest, hardworking Americans who choose to organize under the banner of #UniteBlue, falsely alleging on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show that “these people are on the fringes; they’re freaks; they’re hate mongers.

Mr. Scarborough owes an apology to the mothers, fathers, retirees, veterans, soldiers, activists, professionals and all members of UniteBlue. Calling tens of thousands of good, decent people ‘freaks’ is a sweeping condemnation and makes him a hate monger.

Half a million Tweets use #UniteBlue each month, more than #GOP or #TeaParty. Many of us are MSNBC viewers who were personally offended by these demeaning words and petty attacks. In response to the unprecedented outrage that resulted, Mr. Scarborough decided to double down instead of apologizing. This time he called each of us ‘extremists,’ and it’s really deeply offensive. Your entire network is being poisoned thanks to this behavior.

At this time, we are considering a number of petitions that have arisen calling for boycotts of Morning Joe and its sponsors. We have stood firmly against the promotion of hatred on the airwaves from others such as Rush Limbaugh, and cannot find any attempt on behalf of Joe Scarborough to move the political conversation forward meaningfully.

We respectfully request that Mr. Scarborough personally and publicly apologize for his comments on air and offer the opportunity for a UniteBlue representative to explain who we are; real people who want a voice in our democracy.

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David Hargrove May 26, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Those of us #UniteBlue work hard to ensure this country does not continue to fall prey to corporate shills in Congress; to vicious, demeaning cuts to our safety nets, and for the rights of ALL Americans, unlike folks flying under the banner of the Tea Party and GOP who insist that urban children don’t need a summer lunch program, or that vets don’t need expanded healthcare or social programs.


Peter Keough May 26, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Say it ain’t so, Joe.


Robert B Palin May 26, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Grew tired of Scarborough and his holier than thou attitude and have stopped watching him altogether. He cannot pass a mirror without taking a look and proclaiming how handsome he is.


Penny Dodd May 26, 2014 at 8:29 pm

Disappointed and sadly angered over the disrespet and hate displayed.


Laurie May 26, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Get rid of morning Joe Scarborough. He is revolting.


Catherine Wright May 26, 2014 at 8:51 pm

Mr. Scarborough needs to reflect on whether he wants to be identified with the likes of Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Palin, Levin, O’Reilly, who sneer, smear, and slander DAILY. There is no equivalent to their slander and hatemongering on the left. #UniteBlue strikes fear because the hatred of the Right Wing is called out and exposed, as well as their pandering to 1% Oligarchy.


angela castillo May 26, 2014 at 8:59 pm

i cant figure out if he was paid x fox 2 promote in-fighting or x liberal vigilantes who knew w/Anger w/Ensue?
tough call but 1 things 4 sure
he doesnt posess the wit or strength of character 2 have been acting alone POS #Resign


Monroe May 26, 2014 at 9:06 pm

This man called me a ‘Freak’ & ‘Hate monger’ on Friday, is this acceptable? You give him a platform so he can constantly insults his audience, is that fair at all? He keeps tarnishing the network’s name while you keep give him special privileges, WHY? Why does he get to contribute to GOP but Keith Olberman &Ed Schultz were FORBIDDEN to contribute to DEMS? Something ain’t right here and it will keep seeping if you fail to act on it and get rid of it. Shame on your Network for giving this maniacal man a platform to call millions of hardworking, well educated, caring, loving, uniteblue American citizens ‘Freaks.’ SHAME.


Vicki May 26, 2014 at 9:18 pm

I am a middle class straight woman living in Mid-Michigan. I am not fringe, I am a Democrat. A regular average person who would prefer sensible centrist positions, but instead I am alarmed at the hatred and vitriol brought on by “celebrities”. The fact that they hold any sway with the public is deeply disturbing. Morning Joe can be a GOP fan but be a grown up about it.


Diane Straub May 26, 2014 at 9:24 pm

I am the mom of 4, a wife, a teacher, daughter of a retired cop & Marine, caregiver 4 my elderly parents #WeAreUniteBlue #SayItAintSoJoe


Janice wiecking May 26, 2014 at 9:25 pm

Joe Scarborough has been offensive to women for a very very long time. He treats his Amika with put downs and shows his nastiness when she disagrees with him and hangs her head. My husband and I have relied on CNN, HLN, or the local news for along time and maybe now you will listen. Joe Scarborough is a bully and intolerant of any one who disagrees.


Mike Testa May 26, 2014 at 9:39 pm

MSNBC makes on-air personalities apologize profusely to Republican right-wing extremists for saying very mild things. MSNBC also fires excellent people (Keith Olbermann, Martin Bashir) for saying less.

Demand that MSNBC also forces Scarborough to apologize to all the good, patriotic, caring PEOPLE who have joined UniteBlue. We are not demons.


Jo May 26, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Remember Rachel Maddow’s story about sham ACA hearings in AZ and the speaker talking about life with AIDS? That was me. Joe Scarborough talking like this is talking about me, too. Honestly, from that myopic GOP blowhard, I’ll wear it like a badge of pride, but MSNBC should punish him.


Peter Rutten May 26, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Joe Scarborough has literally outlived his usefulness as an MSNBC host. Both my wife and I would like to see MSNBC #DumpJoe and give that time slot show to Chris Hayes, Krystal Ball or Thomas Roberts.


Clint Brown May 26, 2014 at 10:07 pm

I watch your show every AM, even though I do not often agree. Retired/Disabled Civil Rights & Personal Injury Attorney, Meals On Wheels Volunteer, caretaker for 91 yr. old dad suffering from kidney failure & dementia, father of attorney daughter whose mother is a circuit judge & computer engineer son, own two labs,volunteer coordinator with Empower Alabama registering voters door-to-door, vested in the system, political activist, former chair of county democratic party, former member of state democratic executive committee, on planning committee for and delegate to Chicago Democratic National Convention, North Alabama chair of Clinton/Gore campaign, Clinton’s guest at White House on two occasions. Believe in golden rule, peace, equality for all, fair wage, fair taxes, universal healthcare, responsible gun regulation, end war on women & afford true equal rights and respect. #WeAreUniteBlue Extremist? Hate Monger? On the “fringe”. I don’t think so. Man up, Joe #SayItAintSoJoe


Melly May 26, 2014 at 10:20 pm

All you will get out of Phil Griffin is more doubling-down. Turn his network off-he is poisoning the left with his fake-azz ‘democrats’.


Sberry May 26, 2014 at 11:20 pm

I faithfully watch Morning Joe every morning while getting ready for work. I don’t preach hate, I teach tolerance to my children, I pay taxes, and I am a strong democrat. What an insult and kick in the gut to hear Joe @Msnbc call me an extremeist and a hate mongerer! Joe, apologize or resign. You have judged many of your viewers falsely, and we can judge you just as accurately as we do #FlushRush! Do the right thing, and show others hate is not tolerated! I will be watching Tues morning to hear Joe apologize, or I stop watching altogether!


Henry m Gonzales May 27, 2014 at 12:14 am

I support unite blue. Joe must go. I won’t watch MSNBC until Joe is gone.


nancy snead May 27, 2014 at 12:48 am

I wish msnbc would take ole joe off air tell him to go to fox news where he can spout all of his repuke nonsense and gibberish we will not stand for it I will turn off msnbc whenever this idiot is on the air he is jusT ANOTHER 1 of those idiot racist who will do anything and everything to defeat all democrats and reelect those moochers show him he is not above GOD he may think he is lets show him


Nancy Robinson May 27, 2014 at 1:08 am

I am very disturbed by the change in MSNBC recently. Morning Joe is a joke with Joe belittling and demeaning everyone with his cocky attitude. I really liked Chuck Todd during President. Obama ‘s first term, but now he might as well work at Fox news. We need a progressive network to balance out the rightwing on the other channel. Why have you backed down from this? If you allowed more programming like Keith, Rachel, and Ed, you would get better ratings!


john logiudice May 27, 2014 at 1:37 am



DonnaNoShock May 27, 2014 at 11:00 am

Best Comment On This Site!!!!!!!!!!


Jerri dant May 27, 2014 at 3:00 am

If you would put on more news maybe Joe wouldn’t have to talk so much. People are sick of Lockup/Caught on Camera. We want news. Shoot we would take Buchanan and Press back. Send some cameras out for news, maybe you wouldn’t have to apologize so much.


Arleen Rutten May 27, 2014 at 3:02 am

MSNBC has been “my” station of choice for (what seems like) forever. As a progressive liberal (wife, mom, gramma & retired teacher), where else could I “go”? I’ve watched great people (Bashir/Olberman 4 example) leave for seemingly NOTHING! Even Alec Baldwin’s demise seem so wrong, IMO. But Joe Scarborough, who is a narcissist, a liar, and an arrogant conservative bloviator, seems to say and do whatever he wishes without consequences. He oozes rudeness and misogyny and very seldom allows anyone else to finish a sentence. His disrespect for President Obama is beyond obvious and nauseating, and Joe thinks he is above “it” all. I don’t want any apology from this empty “suit.” Just more attention for him. (Every thing is ALWAYS about Joe!) And an (so-called) apology from a sociopath is a contradiction in terms. I just want Joe gone so I can watch that time slot again in the morning. When Thomas Roberts is on, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Do your viewers and yourself a huge favor, @Msnbc, “dump” Joe permanently. My eternal thanks would be yours.


Nancy Lehay May 27, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Joe Scarborough has grown into a boring man who insist on discussing his days of old. He did this and he’s great because he did that! But we don’t care! We want news. If we want to listen to a social bully we will watch Fox or Glen Beck! I enjoy Mika and some of the others ( Not Todd). Change things and refresh this show or you will loose a loyal following.


Pam Tucker May 27, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Apology? I don’t want his stinking apology…maybe the parents of the intern he murdered want one. I’m considering the source, and I’m not interested. I stopped watching msnbc long ago. Blowhard Joe and his disrespect for his female cohort is the reason. Mike reminds me of a battered woman.


George Alex May 27, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Moaning Joe has angered Unite Blue: progressives, independents and liberals, educated and hard-working Americans who care about people and who are angry that Congress does nothing. To say we are extremists is nothing compared to how more united and stronger we will become. For that, thanks Joe.


Dana Fairbanks, MD May 27, 2014 at 3:40 pm

I do not want an apology from this arrogant, smug pig. I want him GONE! Phil Griffin, you have fired every other progressive host on MSNBC that dared to rock the boat and refused to beg for forgiveness from the right-wing corporate-controlled media. You fired Keith, fired Martin, fired Cenk, made Melissa beg for forgiveness, kicked Ed off primetime but now that misogynist Morning Joe offends your entire audience, you won’t do a thing. It deeply offends me that you give him a platform from which he spews his hateful rhetoric. I believe that Mika has Stockholm syndrome.


Bonnie Cozzetto May 28, 2014 at 4:37 am

As a Longtime Viewer of MorningJoe, the change in the Attitude & Format has made my Overnight viewing “Troublesome” to say the least. I Still tune in, but usually watch only a ‘Short Time” & leave in Frustration. When I leave I’m sad that it’s No Longer the Program I so enjoyed for Years! Joe Scarborough has shown his ‘TrueColors’ & they are so NOT Blue…Not even Purple….But a Dark & Ugly ‘RED’!

Joe was always a Republican, but let the conversation with Contributors & Guests be an Equal Give & Take! That was Until POB won Re-election! It all Changed & No One was safe from his Insults & Verbal Assaults! That was Never so True as we all Experienced on Friday Last! It was a Shameful & Purposeful Attack on a group of Good & Hard working people who support many Causes that I care about!

Tuesday Morning was the Final Straw when he intentionally did not apologize for his rude & pointed insults; but actually doubled down. I turned OFF MorningJoe & will not return! I feel as though there’s been a death in the Family.

In closing Just a Side Note to these Occurances happened Tuesday Evening…”Joe Scarborough was a Guest of Megan Kelly’s Show on FOX! I Hate Fox & when I got the call, from a Shocked Friend, I switched it on to see Joe Playing Up to the Host! REALLY….Maybe that is the Direction he’s headed, Just another Right Wing Nut Job, Preaching to the Choir! MSNBC you’re changing & Not for the Better!


Yvonne May 28, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Mr. Scarborough should be forced to STEP DOWN


Nicholas Guy May 28, 2014 at 11:41 pm

I lost all respect for Scarborough when he became a climate denier and chose to ignore the opposition of Native Americans against Keystone, Enbridge and Sandpiper oil lines. And Frac Mining interests on Tribal lands. i lost respect when he chose to ignore Tribal treaties that allow us to govern our own lands.


Nicholas Guy May 28, 2014 at 11:44 pm

HONOR THE TREATIES. Allow us as Sovereign Nations to decide what to do with Tribal Lands. Keep your Keystone, Enbridge, Sandpiper oil lines Off Native grounds. Keep your Frac sand mining to your own lands and allow us peace. You have taken too much already from us.


glo May 29, 2014 at 2:35 am

Joe is a dyed in the wool REPUBLICAN and MOST IMPORTANTLY, he will never change


Bill May 29, 2014 at 2:45 pm

Comcast is ruining MSNBC & Joe must have something on Phil Griffin cause he seems afraid of him. Come on Phil, cut the double standard here as you forced out. & made good Progressive hosts apologize for far less and force some out like: Keith, Martin, Cenk and David Shuster!


Beverly Hope May 30, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Joe Scarborough offends people every day he is on the air. Today he offended all women having the GQ Magazine on the air and holding photos in the magazine for the camera to show–Nicole Wallace had to put up with his garbage. Why is Joe on the air???? Why does Phil Griffin allow GQ Magazine (pooping magazine for men) to be on Morning Joe??????????????


Faith May 31, 2014 at 10:41 am

My friends and I turned the channel on Joe Scarborough a long time ago. Learning about his latest hate-filled hissy fit makes me glad we did! My fellow Unite Blue members should follow suit. Chris Cuomo is only a click away #UniteBlue


Tracy Hughes May 31, 2014 at 10:37 pm

Having just made my welcome statement to #Uniteblue in the Forum, I can say that I am extremely proud to be a member of an organization that has conducted itself with such integrity and high ethical purpose during this fracas. The letter to MSNBC exemplified both wisdom and constraint. The tweets I read this week were heartfelt and yet so reasonable. Thanks to everyone for making this a reasoning, working place to do what needs to be done to help our country heal and grow. #Uniteblue


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' June 1, 2014 at 1:41 am

Joe Scarborough derides ‘bloggers as fringe lunatics, but statements by most Twitter bloggers are more accurate than his usual propaganda driven diatribes. Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’


CD June 1, 2014 at 2:07 am

Joe Scarborough is a confused hack at best. His honest moments “Kerry dominated that debate against Bush” are quickly followed by his predictable apologies to the right, and running there to safety. I wouldn’t normally care what he says, except MSNBC does seem to have a double standard when it comes to who can say what about whom.


Rae Fore July 2, 2014 at 8:06 pm

I am a mother and an Air Force Veteran. I spent 12 years teaching mathematics to high school students. I spent 14 years married to the Air Force, surviving multiple moves and deployments. I am a Christian who attends Unitarian Universalist churches (where people of all faiths, gender, race, and sexual orientation are welcome). I was a, forgive me, Conservative, until I realized those policies were doing more to hurt people than help them. Am I fed up with these policies? Yes. Am I a “radical”? Yes, if the definition of that word is that ALL people should be treated equally and respected.


Lou Bowman October 17, 2014 at 2:15 pm

I am Canadian!!-watching Joe berate your President is a total disregard for a great leader. Joe Scarborough projects an image of needing self gratification and adulation, unfortunately his self esteem is misguided. Living in the past as confirmation of his knowledge, only shows a need to get more information before he opens his mouth and spews vitriolic platitudes across the airwaves


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