UniteBlue’s MISSION:

UniteBlue works to connect the left with messaging, community building, technology, and organizing.

Beyond the united resistance against the Trump agenda we have some real issues of uniting a bold left… 

The majority of the country identifies as left or Democrat, but Republicans hold…

51 Senators, 240 Reps,  31 Governors

67% partisan state legislative chambers.

1,089 of 1,972 state Senate seats nationwide

3,029 of 5,411 state House seats





The brand of Democrat has taken a serious beating over the last several years. 



Serious damage accumulated during the Presidential primary process…


A false equivalence by mainstream media with Trump on issues ended in people not knowing what the left and Democrats were fighting for. 

Narrative of the Left is fractured…

The narrative often lives in one of these groups while real people find themselves engaged across all of these different groups. 

Electoral  work

Political Campaigns

Elected Officials

Political Parties

National Groups

National NGOs

National NGOs


Electoral  work

Local NGOs

State and Community

based actions

State and Community

based actions

Identity and connection are disconnected.

Electoral – Just get a clipboard too often little emphasis on community action.

National – Sporadic ways to be involved too often too top down.

Local grassroots – Jaded by the disconnect and disdain at times for local actions from national entities.

Connecting the left!

We will build out state based messaging structures that weave together a narrative of electoral, issue, and direct action.

We will build out online spaces for the collection and dissemination of localized action that crosses the spectrum from electoral, issue, and direct action. 


We will foster an inclusive and empowering community that organizes meaningful actions. 

We will build out online community that stokes creative, collaborative, inclusive, and empowering conversations and strategy on the left. 


We will amplify and empower the voices of the new American majority being people of color, women, and progressive whites.

We will not attack the identity of being Democrat or the institution. But instead build power for this identity. 

Nor will we attack the identity of left leaning independents, radicals, Green Party members, or other members of the coalition of the political left.

We need you!
Together we’ll better connect the left with messaging, community building, technology, and organizing.

Still looking for more details about the new UniteBlue and the former organization?

Check out the details page: https://uniteblue.org/about_details/

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