UniteBlue’s MISSION:

UniteBlue works to connect the left with messaging, community building, technology, and organizing. 

About UniteBlue

UniteBlue is an organization founded by left leaning activists to better connect the left on Twitter and drive messaging. We are in the early stages of relaunching UniteBlue. You can join UniteBlue and be part of our famous TwitterStorms (formerly named TwitterBombs) as we raise awareness on key fights and connect people to meaningful action. Over the coming months we’ll be focused on connecting a progressive resistance fighting like hell against the Trump administration and conservative’s repeal of progress and attacks on democracy.

We are led by progressive strategist and Director Brad A Schenck. UniteBlue is currently a volunteer led organization where you can volunteer your time and skills to help build a uniquely open and connected left narrative, reading our volunteer roles page and find the role that is right for you.

UniteBlue is not part of any established political party or other organization. UniteBlue is an independent organization that looks to partner with other organizations and movements. We aren’t a policy shop but work with progressive policy proposals and drive message and organize community around it.

Currently UniteBlue is operating as an LLC based in California, being an LLC and not a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 allows us to partner with political entities, unions, campaigns, nonprofits, and everyday citizens. While Citizens United remains in effect we will continue operating as a LLC to maximize our ability to work across the full left.


UniteBlue 1.0

UniteBlue 1.0 was founded by Zach Green leveraging the then open Twitter API to make it easy for left leaning activists on Twitter to find each other and build a stronger voice together. UniteBlue was often best known for the use of TwitterBombs and collaborating with other left leaning groups to trend content and messaging on Twitter.

Twitter shut down their open API in 2015 making it impossible for UniteBlue to operate the tools and website that were crucial to building a rich community online with Twitter as its backbone. This led to the website shutting down and UniteBlue ceasing operations for about a year. Even with the site down the connections forged by the UniteBlue community remained strong. We believe, as we always have, that united together we are stronger. And together we can keep progress moving!

@UniteBlue Team

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