What is a TwitterStorm?

The simple of it is as the header says we are connecting the progressive community through focused online communication. But what exactly does that mean? It means 3 key things we’ll breakdown for you community, action, and impact.

TwitterStorm Community

A Twitterstorm is about the left uniting around one key issues or topic and raising awareness about it as a united community. It’s all about volume and consistency and making sure you invite in your friends. That means when you see a Twitterstorm happening DM you friends on Twitter, message your friends on Facebook, invite in your local left groups to get in and get loud. #UniteBlue is here to help unite groups across the left get together and work as one big community.

TwitterStorm Action

A good Twitterstorm has a good theory of change. UniteBlue will often partner with other left leaning organizations to drive awareness about an under discussed issue, push for a particular policy, or get a change in legislation. It’s important to be part of the action at the targeted time to get the conversation as big as possible and bring in as many people as possible.

TwitterStorm Impact

The best Twitterstorm outcome is to have a clear impact on changing narrative, raising awareness, or having a noticeable impact on a target. Even if you are coming in late be sure to use the targeted #hashtag, links, and mentions of the targets because helping sustain conversation on that issue over time can also lead to the impact we all need.

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